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Sea Foods

Restaurant offer a variety of choice sea-food items from shrimp, prawns, lobster, crabs to squid and a selection of fish. These items are the "pick-of-the catch". They are deep frozen to preserve freshness and flavour.

Seafood from the warm waters of Tropical Oceans are more flavoursome than those from cold regions. As such Sri Lankan sea-food iterms supplied by us are a gourmets delight.

Boat Safari

Explore the uncharted mangroves that are placed along the Bentota River on a boat safari. The safaris start at the final part of the broad Bentota River, close upon the Bentota Bridge and cruises inland. The boat men will meander through the islets and mangrove swamps located haphazardly on the river. They would delve into the mangroves and sail amidst the tangled roots under the shelter of shade provided by the trees and vines entangling each other. Get lost amidst these thick growths and spot aquatic birds such as herons, kingfishers, cormorants as well as the monitors and crocodiles that wade through the water.


Reservations can be made with no advance payment for any class or type of accommodation by just emailing your requirement. Also you can directly contact the hotel as you like.